2PlayMe, Nexave and prc-tools

I thought it might be a good idea to release the next update for 2PlayMe which is still unfinished here for a public beta test. I’ve added support for Alex Pruss’ MyKbd Macros (Specials->MyKbd), a possibility to cycle to a given SIM card (for dual-SIM users), Keyguard On for 5s or 30s (as you can select it in the prefs) and an holiday field for the weekday selection. The SIM card cycling and the holiday field doesn’t work correctly yet. What should work is the feature that 2PlayMe can control the Nexave keyguard also on a non-phone device (like a TX).



Therefore I also release a new Nexave keyguard update. Just as a small reminder: The Nexave keyguard is a free transparent keyguard replacement which is full of additional infos (not only current time and date). It can by wiped away (downwards) or be dismissed using the 5-way navigation. In connection with 2LaunchMe it shows the traffic for the current open data connection. If you have 4Cast installed, it will show you the weather forecast for today, tomorrow or a 3 day forecast. Additional there is a today/tomorrow setting, which shows today’s weather until midday when it will show tomorrow’s weather.

Nexave keyguard

Nexave keyguard

And now to something different:
It just came to my attention that cygwin.com recently change there setup.exe and added a security feature. Every index file needs o be secured by a .sig file. The new setup.exe will verify the index file using this .sig fil and a public key inside the setup.exe. Unfortunately, the prc-tools mirror doesn’t provide the necessary .sig file yet. If you like me, doesn’t keep an old setup.exe you may have difficulties to install the prc-tools on your Windows computer.

But in http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-announce/2008-08/msg00001.html there is a solution: add the -X flag to the current setup.exe and it will also read from the prc-tools mirror:

2) Tell your users to supply the new -X (–no-verify) command-line flag when using setup.exe to download from your mirror. This can be added into the command-line invocation in a Windows shortcut, for convenience.


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