2TellMe – says what you write, LJP 1.2

Welcome to 2TellMe

Do you know it? You won some Ebay auctions and now you’re going to enter article numbers, account numbers, bank numbers in to your Palm using Graffiti? A lot of numbers to read from the desktop monitor and enter into your Palm. Or you got some phone numbers to write down. Whenever it comes to enter many numbers using Graffiti you will probably found it quite difficult to look at the Graffiti field to correctly write the digit, to look at the screen to check the digit for being correctly recognized and sometimes even look on a third place to read the next digit to enter. Very exhausting indeed.

Now this has an end. My new creation, called 2TellMe, will give you a feedback for each digit you’ve entered
using Graffiti. Have a look at v1.0 here and wait for v1.1 which comes in some days.

Now to LJP: I’ve made v1.2 of LJP with hires gfx (thx to coder12), an optional phone call detection mode and some other small things. Get it from here as zip or tar.gz. I mainly release it now because today arrived my Wiimote and I’m trying to add support for it. Important work for it was done by laddspencer. Now I will try to fit it into LJP – let’s see how it works. Have an Wiimote? Check this thread for more.


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