2Cool4U, 0.94

2Cool4U has now reached version 0.94!

What’s new:

  • Contact pictures are displayed on the right, if included
  • Access to Call log is possible (just drag the screen to the left to switch, drag to the right to go back to contacts list)
  • Bugfixes

See this nice screenshot from 2Cool4U 0.93 made by DickieD from http://www.mytreo.net

Now the video embedded thanks to Video Plugin

Stay tuned for some more bugfixes and features soon!

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  1. burkele - Dezember 19, 2007

    Hi. Nifty application 2cool4U! A fews suggestions: 1) The colour of the tool bar is too dark to see some of the items (signal, etc.). 2) It would be good to go directly to the required contact by typing in first few letters (like the standard Treo Address Book). 3) It would be good to get the detailed view of a contact by touching the left-hand side of a contact, rather than the right-hand side (especially if there is more than one important phone number). 4) More lively colours would make your application more attractive (Treobble is easier on the eye). Keep up the good work, you are on to something here! EB

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