How I accidentally changed the overall volume of my Treo 680

Lately, I had to call my girlfriend to make some arrangement for dinner this evening. I was working, sitting in front of my laptop, writing some new code. I looked up the number in the received call list and dialed it. She was on a playground with the kids and I knew I have to wait some seconds until she will recognize my call. So, I put my Treo on the table, switched on the loudspeaker to hear when she picks up her phone and waited. The call tone was quite loud and a bit disturbed in the loudspeakers that’s why I used the volume buttons on the side to reduce the volume a bit. I reduced it quite far until the sound wasn’t disturbed anymore. I didn’t used the button below the volume buttons to store this volume setting.

The days after this day I recognized my overall volume of my phone was quite low. I have the ringer volume on 5 usually and it is quite loud, but now it was on 5 but it wasn’t very loud anymore. I opened the sound preference and played around with the volume settings for the different applications. No way, the maximum volume didn’t increased. I thought about some dust inside the loudspeakers or a software problem (maybe even with one of my own tools).

At the end, today, I had to make another call, switched on the loudspeaker and just by chance tried to adjust the volume: Well, I saw my old volume setting was still stored and as I increased the volume during this phone call, the overall volume was increased back to its former level. I don’t know if it is written in the manual, but I think it’s a very strange experience and can really confuse users.

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