2TwitMe 1.3c preview #palmos

Here is a preview of the next 2TwitMe version:



* added “Send later” to post error alert
* added copy to message view and text preview
* tapping a word in message view copies this word to clipboard


* added “Send later” to menu
* unsend Msg is saved on close
* IP addresses cached
* option to set function of left and right key


* Added option: Hide scrollbars
* Send to memo
* save list position on app close more reliable
* screen buttons to cycle through accounts

April 22, 2010 · admin · 5 Comments
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  1. liberleo - Mai 6, 2010

    Update issues:
    I’ve buyed 2twitme, and it doesn’t show any tweet. I can do twitter posts ok, but don’t see any tweet of the people I follow when they really have done their twitts.
    I’ve had tryed a many setups but none have been good.
    Versions used: 1.2 1.3 1.3c with same result.
    Sometimes when I specify a search string it updates some twits.

  2. admin - Mai 20, 2010

    In Accounts have you selected Tweets and tried to set max to different values? Should work.

  3. essa6553 - September 21, 2010

    2twitme is not working any more!!
    Please Update 2twitme because Starting August 31, all applications will be required to use “OAuth” to access Twitter account.
    For more Info Visit http://twitter.com/apps

  4. admin - September 21, 2010

    Please send me an email for the last version and a working solution using a special twitter proxy.

  5. essa6553 - September 21, 2010

    Honestly I don’t know the solution
    I am just a user of 2twitme.
    I thought you are not aware of the problem.
    Thank you very much & a I hope 2twitme will work again

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