Sources for offline maps for use with MapTool for #webos

Some more words how to use offline maps in MapTool for webos.

You have 3 main sources:

For the use of Mobile Atlas Creator read here what user AurelioB wrote about:

If anyone’s interested, you can download tiles from Google Maps using Mobile Atlas Creator
It’s a neat piece of software that lets you download tiles from several sources in different formats. In order for Maptool to see your tiles you must select “OSMTracker file storage” as the output format.
It’s working great for me.

Download the tiles you need and copy them into a folder called .MapTool (the dot is important) on your internal USB drive of your Palm Pre. Select offline as renderer in options in MapTool.

MapTool is available for free from the AppCatalog.

Btw, did you see my cool WebRadio project for WebOS?

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