Duke3D on webos part 2

Ok, now I managed to add some controls (can still be improved) and create a package to submit to webos-internal and put into the preware feed at precentral.net.
Here is another video for you to watch: Duke3D on Palm Pre
And here is the content of the readme with some hints how to use it:

This is a WebOS port of JonoF’s version of Duke Nukem 3D. You will find this version at

It’s done by Henk “MetaView” Jonas. With help from rwhitby and the SDLQuake port.

You find more in my blog at http://www.metaviewsoft.de/wordpress or follow me on twitter: @metaview

You need the following files in the Duke3D directory on your internal drive:

When you start Duke3D for the first time, it will create this directory for you.


Move and Rotate:

W S Z(Y)
or left screen area


Return, J
or right screen area

Strafe left/right:

H, N

Jump: B
Open: Space
Run: Shift
Crouch: U
Inventory: I
MedKit: K
TurnAround: BackSpace
SendMessage: P
Map: M
Quick_Kick: L
Next_Weapon: back gesture
Previous_Weapon: forward gesture
Show_Console: O
Menu: Q
Switch keyboard between action and normal mode: @

If you like it and want to do me a favor check out my other apps for webos here and buy a copy of Match This! Pro or Wikay or the Pro-version of TravelGuide (when released):

Match This!
Match This! Pro
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