WebOS: MapTool 0.9.6 on PreCentral, Wikay 1.0.1 in the AppCatalog, Match This! Pro in the AppCatalog

I’m going to release MapTool 0.9.6 at Precentral.net in a couple of minutes. I fixed the offline map tile downloader: JTileDownloader to work correctly with longitudes < -90° and >90°. It was a small fix, but now the offline feature will also work for our American friends. Here is the forum thread about MapTool: http://forums.precentral.net/homebrew-apps/220281-maptool-gps-logger-osm-support-more.html

MapTool can now display old tracks, has a switch to enable/disable locking and can import .loc files. Also it works in connection with preCaching to load cache lists from geocaching.com. Currently I’m working on .kml and .gpx import and will add a poor-man’s navigation mode. A global search is already implemented, just give it a try.

Download: JTileDownloader 0.5pre  JTileDownloader 0.5pre (221,0 KiB, 5.176 hits)

Now to something new in the AppCatalog: Wikay 1.0.1 has been released. Wikay is a smart mobile view on the Wikipedia’s startpage, supporting English and German Wikipedia. It’s available in the AppCatalog for 0.99$. Please, if you like, give it a try and if you did, why not rate it and write a comment in the AppCatalog.

At last I need to point you to ‘Match This! Pro’ also available in the AppCatalog. It’s a memory-kind of game where you play against your mobile device. The free version ‘Match This!’ already was highly rated by customers. ‘Match This! Pro’ gives you now some more options, more tile sets and will be continously updated. It’s available for only 0.99$ from the AppCatalog. If you want to give me a favor, buy it and rate it.


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