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The next update for PalmPDF is still in progress but takes some more time. Reason 1: I’ve updated the freetype library and now I need to rework the font rendering in reflow mode. Reason 2: I’ve update to the last Xpdf version which brings some conflicts to resolve. Reason 3: I did some work on 2LaunchMe and enhanced the traffic/time counter:

Counting your online data traffic or the time you’re Palm is only might be not necessary if you have an unlimited data plan. At least in theory, having an iPhone it might be not a bad idea to check it from time to time when you’re going abroad or coming close to the country’s border:,0,2929341.story?coll=ny_home_rail_headlines

Counting traffic on PalmOS has some real bad traps for you to hit: most of the time you can’t access the service name (that’s the name you give your network connection in the prefs) when you retrieve the traffic amount. This makes it hard to connect the internal connection ID (which is something like ppp_0, ppp_1 or wi_0) with a name you can present to the user. Another pitfall: from time to time the traffic amount isn’t reset to zero when the Palm opens the connection. Means the programmer has to check and store the initial traffic amount which was left from an older connection attempt.

Now it seems I managed most of these pitfalls, allowing the user to select a connection from its network prefs, adjusting minimal data black size and duration slices. The traffic is then counted when the connection is up and accumulated in a list when the connection goes down. Additional it can also display the current network in the upper right corner. Handy, if you have 2 SIM-cards for voice and data, like me. Now I only need to purchase a SIM-switch.

Be sure you download 2LaunchMe from here (prc) and test it on your device. It has a 14 days trial period and is still purchasable for around 5 € in a online shop near you. When released official with the traffic counter the price might raise a bit. Hurry up, don’t miss it.

Back to PalmPDF and its next update: It still needs some time to be finished, but I’m sure it will be worth it. and I will disclose some of the new features later on.

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