iPhone look-alike keyguard anyone?

German’s biggest Palm user meeting PUM 2008 is over and it was a big success. A lot of interesting people and talks and additional more than 1000 € were collected for a charity project. I contributed with a small speech about programming for Palm OS . As a result of the preparing I wrote a small tool which I’m now glad to present. In its first release I just call it “nexave” or “nexave.de” as a reminiscence of the host of this great meeting: www.nexave.de. You can download it from here together with its source code and sure I’m glad to see what you can make of it.

main screenshot in action

BTW: Do you wanna see pictures of this evening? Look here.

Greetings, Henk

PS: I made a small video from the up.

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  1. bedbug - März 14, 2008

    Hi Henk,

    Really like the app – please keep developing it.

    Some feedback:

    Treo650 GSM…

    1 Switch phone on to view Nexave Keyguard, but DO NOT disable it.
    2 Allow screen to switch off naturally.
    3 Switch phone back on.
    4 Nexave isn’t running.

    — Implication: If in a bag, a Treo 650 is susceptible to multiple false presses activating phonecalls/functions.


    Since enabling Nexave, the standard app browser defaults to the ‘All’ category, no matter how it was previously left (I generally have it set to display the content of an external card).

    Hope this is of interest – keep up the great work!

  2. admin - März 15, 2008


    thank you for your kind comment.

    That Nexave doesn’t show up again, does it happen only after a short time off or also when the Treo was a bit longer off? Unfortunately the build in keyguard (which Nexave replaces) doesn’t act predictable always. Or better, the event which is sent whenever the default keyguard should appear doesn’t come form time to time, if you overwrite the default keyguard. Means one would need to rewrite its own keyguard logic, very bad…

    I have no interferences with the default application launcher on my 680. But I will have a look into it.


  3. leszekw - August 6, 2008


    I know your excellent keyguard because of 4cast application from Shimon.
    I have one small request (useful for all users).
    I’d love to see the forward status added to Nexave keyguard. The red forward word below the loudness or in another place. If phone is forwarded I can not receive any calls so to see if phone is forwarded is very important.


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