Github projects to check out

I just wanted to give the github projects I’m currently involved with some more publicity:

1st) An EnyoJS based RSS reader client for your own TinyTiny RSS installation. Successfully tested on a range of mobile devices (I run it on my webOS based Pre2).

2nd) A Midi parsing app for Windows written in plain C. Used to create the input files for the next project (AVRMidiPlayer) and might be a godd starting point for your own midi file experiments.

And finally an ATmega8 based player for converted midi files written in C. The great AVR-SID emulator was the base. I’ve added some code for a fading LED, increased the number of voices to 5 (it’s configurable, but with my ATmega8 at 14.3MHz, 5 voices seem to be the max) and added some code to play converted midi files.

Enjoy and participate!

Mai 28, 2013 · admin · 3 Comments
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