2Cool4U, 2nd preview


After I made the first preview public I received a couple of great ideas and comments. Based on this I’ve added things and made another preview: 0.93.

Change Log:

  • Bigger entries, easier to hit.
  • Entries divided, large left part for fast dialing (uses the first stored number for the contact), smaller part on the right to open the window with all numbers, email and web access.
  • Wrap-around scrolling, when reaching the end it starts right from the beginning
  • Different sort options: name, first name, company
  • Status bar with battery, bluetooth and signal gadget, current provider and own phone number
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes

This time I made a short video to give you an impression what it is:

Sorry, the video isn’t embedded anymore, it destroys the layout…

Dezember 10, 2007 · admin · 3 Comments
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