What is 2Cool4U at the moment?

A new way to access your contact list.

How will it mature?

In future it will also include a launcher part.

How cool is this?

  • Wipe through your contacts list with your thumb.
  • Press a key and have it jump directly to the first matching contact.
  • Tap the contact entry and have all numbers easily to chose with your thumb.
  • Have special buttons to call up the browser, email or message app.
  • Anyone with a fax application? One tap will send a fax to the stored fax number.

Wanna watch it?

Coming soon on YouTube…

Wanna try it on your own Palm device?

Download a preview here.

Dezember 8, 2007 · admin · One Comment
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  1. pinchies - Dezember 11, 2007

    I tried the new version from the post above, and the old version too, but it just crashes after launching on my T3. Any suggestions? I am really looking forward to seeing where this is going!

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