MapTool Pro

Follow this link to download the latest version of MapTool Pro on your webOS device.

The main view is a map view with a top status layer and a bottom status layer and a standard command button menu on the very bottom.

The top status layer shows configurable values. The bottom status layer shows time of last fix, accuracy of last fix, current altitude (as reported from GPS), current elevation of ground (based on NASA data), current speed (as reported from GPS), current heading (as reported from GPS), track ID (if tracking is active) and current grid size of the displayed map.

There are 2 other views which you can access by swiping left or right on the touch area (also call forward and backward gesture).

The command button menu on the bottom gives you access to zoom in, map menu (tap on the current zoom number), zoom out, center and follow position, send current position or current track and tracking switch.

From the map menu you can access search, targets, tracks and the dashboard view which you also can access by forward gesture.

From the application menu (on the upper left corner of the screen) you can access the settings screen, a webpage with links for geotools, an option to open, a goto menu for manual entering coordinates, routing from your current position to your current target, cache area to download offline maps for your current position for certain zoom values, a refresh item, clear databases and an help item.

The settings are as follows:

Renderer: from which renderer to download prerendered map tiles
Coordinates: format to display and enter coordinates
Units: metric or imperial
Max. log error: every fix with an worse accuracy are not used for track display, calculations and export
Pos. update: interval to update and store current position
Elev. update: interval to query ground elevation from net
Draw Grid: draw the grid lines on map display
Force Email: exporting tracks or targets as (a couple of) emails instead of backend server use with local saving
Block Screen Timeout: screen stays on
Hide Greeting: hides popup window on start
Photos: Show geo-tagged photos from Flickr and Panoramio on the map: just a marker + name or a small or larger thumbnail
No Smart Caching: always retrieve map tiles from selected server, don’t cache them locally
Top Left: what to display in left part of upper status layer
Top Right: what to display in right part of upper status layer

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