R.I.P. Apple

Yes, Rest In Peace Apple.

3 years ago there was a saturated smartphone market, Nokia, Palm and Microsoft were sharing the market between them. Then a new player entered the ring: Apple. Steve Jobs promised a new smartphone feeling and brought to us not only a new way of usage (just like he did in the 80ies with adopting mouse and windows), he also gave us a tight and profitable market place. What ever he does, it looks like, he does it well.

But just like in the later 80ies, when Windows starts to dry out it’s competitions, today Big-Guy Android sucks up the feeled market leader. Apple already lost the pole position in the smartphone market to the big, fat Android system.

Today I’m not even sure about the second place. HP showed today their stronge support for the recently captured WebOS: 3 new device categories are presented: a very small Pixi successor, a bigger powerful Pre smartphone and a tablet with a astonishing UI. They aren’t available tomorrow, but anyway, Apple will not come out with anything new before mid-year, almost the same time HP will flood the market with it’s own devices. And, if they really bring WebOS as kind of desktop VM to any of their PC’s they will easily create an App-eco-system with a volume much bigger than Apple ever can create.

I fear this will cost Apple even the second place in the smart-device run on mid-term:
Android beats by the number of device manufactures, WebOS thanks to support by one of the biggest computer companies.

Dear Apple-User, start to learn multitasking, the future will not be narrow-minded anymore.

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