Have some more details in calendar’s week view #webos

I used the free day today to work on a patch which brings some more details in the calendar’s week view: it shows 2 lines of event subject and a small bell to indicate an enabled alarm for this event. The bell also shows up in the day view. I will try to put some more infos in the month view tomorrow.
The patch worked on my phone using WebOSQuickInstall. Don’t forget to save the following files before applying the patch for later restore:


Here is the patch file and also a small icon for the integration of agenda (another great homebrew app) into the calendar app. The icon goes into /usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.calendar/images/menu-icon-agenda.png


How to use WebOsQuickInstall to apply the patch:

* download WOQI and the WebOsDoctor for your OS version
* switch on developer mode on your device
* backup the files from the calendar app (menu: ‘receive files’ and use the pathes mentioned above to store the files locally)
* apply the patch (use the + button and select the calendar.patch file which you extracted from the archive)
* copy the icon using ‘send file’ from menu

Wanna see some screenshots before? enhanced week view

Btw, here comes something different: my little backup utility for webos. I use it to backup my 3rd party app directory to have a faster restore whenever I need to run the WebOSDoctor on my phone. How to use? Unpack it and copy the little executable to you internal drive and use WOQI or a local terminal app to run it. I guess you will need the developer mode on to have the restore working. Use it on your own risk, etc.


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  2. Sebastian - Juli 25, 2010

    Du bist / Sie sind auch der Entwickler des Kalender Patchs, der Geburtstage aus den Kontakten einträgt, oder? Wird diese Funktion hier evtl. mit etwas mehr Einstellungsmöglichkeiten integriert? Eine Erinnerung 2 Tage vorher finde ich sehr unpraktisch. Das würde ich gerne konfigurieren können.

  3. admin - Juli 25, 2010

    You find the most recent patch in the forum from precentral.net. The latest patch file has some settings. I hope this update will appear in preware repository once.

  4. rosefocc - November 13, 2010

    Congratulations – really great! It seems simple but with great benefits! But now i have another left-button on the lower button-line with no function?!

    In the near future i will try to show infos for whole-day entries in the calendar-app…


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