PalmPDF 1.6 will come for sure

Lately, there was some news about a security hole in Xpdf which is the base of PalmPDF. Therefore I decided to bring PalmPDF back to the front page and not only include the fix for this security hole but also add some other things:

  • Update the font rendering engine, FreeType, to the latest version
  • Send an email to Apple, Inc., asking about the possibility to license their patented TrueType hinting algorithm (no answer yet)
  • Add an option to suppress the parsing of all pages at start (quite annoying in large PDFs).

The suppress of parsing all pages works but accessing a page which wasn’t parsed on the beginning will cost some time. I parse now some pages before and some after the current page and when PalmPDF needs to access other pages it will need to reparse them. At the moment this means a restart of the renderer. This is quite slow. Next thing has to be a speed up in restarting the renderer. Several things doesn’t need to be recreated. This will also speed up the color mode change during display. The best would be to just rescan the page tree when ever necessary, but this crashes at the moment and I don’t know why. The update to 1.6 will still need some more days, but it will come for sure.

Do you know about the last WintecTool update? Check our this nice German news article at

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August 4, 2007 · admin · 3 Comments
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  1. pinchies - September 4, 2007

    great! It is a fantastic program you have put together! 😀

  2. xImtc - Oktober 1, 2010

    Well, it looks like 1.6 never came, but that’s okay. Most of us have moved on to webOS. Given how crappy the built in PDF viewer is, and given how //great// your PDF viewer was for my old Treo, is there any chance you could port it to webOS now that the PDK is available? This would be a real help to the community!

  3. admin - Oktober 1, 2010

    Right, 1.6 never saw the light of the day… Actually I was working on it but memory issues made the result unusable. The PDK is right for the port, it would be possible. But I guess soemthign like this makes even more sense as a hybrid app which is not coming to WebOS before the end of the year.

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