Developers: Use MapTool to display multiple spots on a map

Just a small how-to for WebOS developers to use the free MapTool app to display several spots on a map. You can sublaunch MapTool from your app and give it a parameter set with a description of the spots you want to show.

MapTool is available from the AppCatalog and the Homebrew repository on In the time of writing the most current published version is 1.0.1 and is available from There is a 1.0.2 already submitted to Palm but still pending since a week.

Have a look into the launch parameters and a working example after the break:

The launch parameter is an array of such a struct:

name : the name of the spot
lat : latitude
lon : longitude
image : an optional image url
id : id from

in the future I will add an url parameter for any url associated with this spot. It will also support tracks in the near future.

Look at this example from TravelGuide:

case "do-map":
var params = [];
for (var i=0; i
lat: this.kEntries[i].lat.replace(/,/g, "."),
lon: this.kEntries[i].lng.replace(/,/g, "."),
name: this.kEntries[i].title
this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
method: "open",
parameters: {
id: 'de.metaviewsoft.maptool',
params: params
onFailure: function() {
var currentScene = this.controller.stageController.activeScene();
currentScene.showAlertDialog({title: $L("No MapTool installed"),
onChoose: function(value) {
if (value == "INSTALL") {
this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
method: "open",
parameters: {
id: '',
params: {target: ""}
message: $L("Please install the free MapTool application from the AppCatalog"),
choices: [{label:$L('Install'), value:"INSTALL"},
{label:$L('Continue'), value:"CLOSE"}]

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BTW: how can I insert formatted code into wordpress?

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