2TwitMe 1.3

It’s done when it’s done and now it is done: 2TwitMe 1.3
Still the best Twitter client for Palm OS comes now with a ton of new cool features and enhancements. The first one: The Timeline is much more readable than ever before. You even get avatar pics. Here is the list of changes (still have in mind that I usually forget about the stuff I fixed):


* bigger timeline display (use lowres font)
* mark new tweets
* optional: keep current tweet on manual update
* tweet list position saved on app close
* optional: avatar images in tweet list
* hide pwd in account settings
* thumb-enabled GUI
* support of yfrog.com in preview
* search the tweet list
* handle first link in message view using space key
* better text input windows for permanent tag, search and url trim
* added is.gd as url trim service
* refresh avatar pics on user page (>>)
* Conversation display from message view

And now, hurry up and download and try it. You’re always welcome to leave a short message (on twitter for example, I follow the 2TwitMe tag) about your experiences.

Download: 2TwitMe.prc 1.3  2TwitMe.prc 1.3 (99,7 KiB, 2.839 hits)

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November 24, 2009 · admin · 17 Comments
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