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I’ve added some updates to the download section:

OperaFrontEnd (OFE) 

  OperaFrontEnd 1.4 (14,9 KiB, 309 hits)
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the best way to integrate Opera Mini into Palm OS is now updated to 1.4. I’ve mainly reworked the registration schema a bit and added an option to suppress the browser selection dialog.

PalmDosBox- not working source code 

  PalmDosBox - not working source code (1,4 MiB, 104 hits)
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is the current source code snapshot of the (formally working) PalmDosBox which crashes during startup at the moment. I’ve tried to update the DosBox core to the last DosBox version but something went wrong, and I can’t find what. I release it here for someone with more luck and time. Don’t hesitate to ask for my help if you pick up the source.

GPSTracker (called 2TrackMe in the launcher, 2TMe) 

  GPSTracker - 2TrackMe, archive with pnglib (122,0 KiB, 259 hits)
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is something new and unique for PalmOS. It’s a GPS logger, a moving map application with realtime map download (from OpenStreetMap), shows up to 16 Wikipedia entries close to your current location and last but not least allows to query for geocaches near by.

Everything is integrated into one application. You can see Wikipedia entries close to your position on your map, jump directly to there online description. See your selected geocache on your map and get the direction and distance from your current location. You can even ask for the ground altitude of your current location.

2TMe is still in heavy development but I think the current version might be already quite useful for someone. For testing purpose it even shows a position without a connected GPS receiver. Go to menu Discover and OpenGPS to connect to your bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver. Use one of the possible views: Main (with a small cockpit), Speed (with an experimental speed limit watcher) or Map (with the moving OSM-map). To view the map you need to install the pnglib which is included in the zip-archive. Be aware that malformed PNGs will reset your device, at the moment.

Use Options->General to adjust the settings: Map URL might be Use Refresh Wiki to get the Wikipedia entries near by and Find Caches for a listing of geocaches clsoe to your current location.

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment or discuss 2TMe wi8th me in a Palm forum nearby,


BTW: Have you seen PhoneGuard? It allows you to get your Treo or Centro back when you lost it and someone else replaces your SIM card. You will receive a SMS with the new phone number and even get the location base informations.

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