Palm: Give us the Treo Pro with Palm OS!

Palm just announced the Treo Pro and it looks very nice. It has Wifi, GPS, a sleek design, a fast processor, a slot for micro SD cards, a standard USB connector and even a 3.5 stereo headset jack. Wow, it looks damned cool, but it only comes with Windows Mobile. How sad, how sad. Why should one buy a Palm with Windows Mobile? A Palm becomes a Palm because of the Palm OS.

treo pro

treo pro

Please Palm, please, bring us the Treo Pro with Palm OS. The build-in GPS shouldn’t be a problem. If the combination of Wifi doesn’t work together with radio based data connection in Palm OS, switch of the radio when one enables WiFi. Who cares? Release it as the high-end device for anyone who wants to spend more than a Centro. Release it with Garnet and then take any time it needs to develop Nova.

[EDIT:] Read the comments here on the official blog ( of Palm presenting the Treo Pro, I’m not alone, many, many users want this with Palm OS. Palm please do us the favor…

And btw. it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend the 20 cents to add a cover for the camera lens…

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