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New review of upcoming 2TwitMe release

Tim Carroll from PalmInfoCenter just published a review of the upcoming 2TwitMe release (v 1.2). You can read it in full here. There is also a Chinese review which you can find here. (I can’t read Chinese but thanks to medigi8 for the link.) At the moment, I fix the last couple of known bugs […]

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2TwitMe Update: 1.1

2TwitMe, Version 1.1 is released: * new icon (based on ideas from PUGCaster and stoiniger) * get mentions and auto search results * network code is more reliable * better website preview * support of foreign characters (as long as displayable) * support for proxy base connection * allows a couple of tries before starting […]

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The final Twitter Client for Palm OS has arrived!

Finally, the Twitter client for Palm OS:

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A Java application to create offline maps for 2TrackMe

I’ve just uploaded an altered version of JTileDownloader to download offline maps for use with 2TrackMe. It’s written in Java and you will need the JRE from Sun for your computer. Download the archive, unpack it and run the JTileDownloader.bat file, which just calls: cd src java org/openstreetmap/fma/jtiledownloader/JTileDownloaderStart The map files are stored on your […]

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NEW for Palm OS: 2PlayMe 4.1

Oh no, it isn’t dead yet the good old Garnet aka Palm OS. I’ve just released 4.1 of the astonishing 2PlayMe-tool. Don’t know what it is? Check out this very nice review at the PUGcast-Blog and grab your copy from here. BTW: Hail to the king, baby! and Waiting for… Christmas?

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2TrackMe – update

and here it comes: 2TrackMe 0.2 Not everything works as it should, but it displays a OpenStreetMap-based moving map, it downloads Wiki-entries of your current position, it finds caches close to you and allows you to save the list. It allows to log your track on your SD-card. Don’t forget to upload the file to […]

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Found \’Wiesencache\’ using 2TrackMe

Today my familly and me used 2TrackMe to find the ‘Wiesencache’ close to Wusterhausen. From our holiday farm in Gut Tornow we load the list of nearby caches from The Wiesencache seemed to be the best fit for our small kids. Driving by car until we were close-by we walked the last 900 meters […]

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Some more downloads…

I’ve added some updates to the download section: OperaFrontEnd (OFE)  the best way to integrate Opera Mini into Palm OS is now updated to 1.4. I’ve mainly reworked the registration schema a bit and added an option to suppress the browser selection dialog.

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OperaFrontEnd v1.1 falls back to Blazer if necessary

Hi friends, I hope you had some nice and peaceful holidays with your family or with your friends. You all already know about my small OperaFrontEnd tool which I released some weeks ago and which is in the best-seller list on Thank you very much for this. Actually OFE is still reduced on […]

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Yes we can? Nope, we do!

Deutscher Beitrag weiter unten, bitte unbedingt lesen! This is probably one of the most craziest things I participate in the last couple of years: the German Palm User Forum, called Nexave (you remember the transparent keyguard, do you?) will send one person to the coming CES in Las Vegas. Now you might ask why? It’s […]

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