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Another helpful Windows utility

Running low on disk space on your Windows system partition? Ever asked you if all the big files in C:\Windows\Installer are still used and referenced? It seems someone wrote a little utility to help you: PatchCleaner

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Online Trello tool

Some months ago I was forced to use Well, I’m not that big fan of it, but for the easy of using I wrote a little tool to make working with it more convenient: Trollo Just allow access and you will see every activity on your boards sorted by date and time. It even […]

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No more blurred fonts in Windows 10

Do you use 125% DPI settings in Windows 10? Do you encounter blurred fonts in some programs (mmc.exe for instance)? Read here about it: or here: From the last thread this little tool comes to rescue: Thumbs up for this little helper and thanks a lot to its creator!

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Download certificate files

Please see here how to download certificate files from servers for manual install.

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Windows 8.1 network problems Since some days I had really strange network problems: My computer got a wifi connection but couldn’t open any website. I tried to ping but without success. I tried to connect to my router without success. Very mysterious, my Smartphone had no problems to access the Internet or the router using the same […]

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USBtiny and Windows 8

To use the USBtiny AVR programming adapter under windows 8 you need to do the following steps: 1st get the driver from here: 2nd switch on installing unsigned drivers as explained here:

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Some little notes about BlackBerry debug token and stuff

Just stumbled upon: The debug token of my Playbook was invalid and I had to renew it. Of course I have stored my BlackBerry keys (author.p12, barsigner.csk, barsigner.db) on a save place and I already wrote a handy little batch file to create and install the debug token: REM Playbook set OLDDIR=%CD% cd C:\Program Files\Research […]

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Google and Nokia Maps in MapTool for webOS

Did you know that with the last update of MapTool and MapTool Pro you can use many new map providers like Nokia (Here) Maps and Google Maps on your webOS device? Let me tell you how: First you need either the free MapTool app or even better you’ve purchased MapTool Pro. Launch it and tap […]

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wxWidgets 2.8.12 and Visual Studio 2010 Express

Today I’ve tried to compile the latest stable wxWidgets (2.8.12) with the oldest Visual Studio Express edition one could download from Microsoft on my Windows 7 64 bit system. Using the wx.dsw (workspace) file I got an error about VS 2010 being unable to convert the dsp (project) files. I found a solution on this […]

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Sharepoint Workflowhistory wieder zuordnen

Wir setzen bei uns Microsoft Sharepoint als DMS ein. Ein von mir geschriebener Genehmigungsworkflow mit mehreren Prüfern, Genehmigern und Informierten soll die ISO-gerechte Nachverfolgung sichergestellt werden. Dabei fiel auf, das MS Sharepoint die Verknüpfung zwischen Workflowhistory und Dokument nach 60 Tagen löscht. Wenn man im Netz danach sucht, gibt es mehrere Fundstellen dazu. […]

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